Nov. 16th, 2012

angieshade: a serious-looking toddler sim with dark hair (Default)
- Huh. Dude I'm playing had a pregnant friend over, and then suddenly she was in labor, so he drove her to the hospital? Now he has a +80 moodlet just as if it was his own kid.

- Ever since I installed Story Progression this town is a massive soap opera. The kind where absolutely everybody is related by blood, marriage, or both.

- Also I want to fix some of the flavor text so bad. "We don't like each other... and I think the feeling is mutual!" AGH.

- I like that there are consequences to mediocre parenting that aren't "kid is taken away forever". It's one thing to deliberately starve your child and another if you don't make him do his homework every single frickin' day.

- I also really enjoy the books for toddlers. Not that I was a book freak from age two myself, or anything. >_>


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