Oct. 4th, 2012

angieshade: a serious-looking toddler sim with dark hair (Default)
The bad news is, I never did manage to get Sims 2 revived. The good news is, I have a new laptop that will actually run Sims 3, which between you and me and the bedpost was the game I actually wanted in the first place. (Presumably that means it can even cope with S2 as well, if I get nostalgic.)

Weird Sims Logic of the day: I took my eye off my Inappropriate matriarch for one minute and she was making a move on her son-in-law (Zhan Su, late of Shang Simla). This is hilarious and awful but not the weird part; what's weird is that her son now has a negative relationship with Zhan and not with her, despite the fact that poor Zhan was all WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU LADY.

Pity there's not a Psychiatrist career. Kid's gonna need one.


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