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Now that I've somewhat improbably begun to make custom content, I should probably have somewhere to list it all. So.

Buy Mode

  • Lully, Lullay ][ damask crib bedding ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • Clearance Table ][ recolors of Around the Sims fabric decor ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • Here's Looking At You, Kid ][ bright recolors of boblishman's toddler mirror ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • Everybody Look Down ][ neon recolors of Nikko Space Chair ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • True and Destined Prince ][ medieval flag recolors of Tarox bath curtain ][ PBK | Box | Preview
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All ][ Edo monster illustrations on basegame mesh ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • Up the Airy Mountain ][ folktale illustrations on Grilled Cheese mesh ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • Standing Harp ][ recolor of DrPixel stereo mesh ][ PBK | Box | Preview
  • Arthurian Arms ][ recolors of EA Store shield ][ PBK | Box | Preview
  • These Dreams ][ mythological paintings on Grilled Cheese mesh ][ DW | Box | Preview
  • Turtle Power! ][ recolors of 4ESF turtle potty ][ GoS | Box | Preview
  • Roll Them All Over ][ recolors of IKEA hedgehog figurine ][ GoS | Box | Preview

Build Mode

Body Shop

  • Florescens ][ bright gradient recolors of Aquilegia skirt ][ DW | Box | Preview


TERMS OF USE: Do what you want. Seriously. Cut, paste, recolor, repurpose, default, compress, resize, bend, fold, spindle, mutilate. Go nuts. All I ask is that you don't take credit for the work I did, and don't charge money. Okay? Okay.

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