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I got distracted by other things, and then by other other things, and then I got an email from EA telling me I had the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and it seemed impolite not to play with it at least once.

So I am back in the Land of Two for a bit. But of course all my 2 CC is on my old dead desktop, so I've had to track stuff down -- including those 3105 eyes of Helaene's that were a hell of a pain to find the FIRST time. And when I got them installed I realized they needed geneticized and towniefied.

So I did that. And here they are for the reference of my future self on yet another computer setup, and also anyone else too lazy to wrangle yet another elderly eyeset themselves. They are not altered in any way except to make them genetic and townie-enabled. Dark blues, dark grays and browns are dominant, greens, light colors and violet are recessive. Any necessary credit goes to Helaene and not me. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Limit one per customer per visit. Please keep arms, legs, and head inside the download at all times.


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